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9 Reasons We Love Chiang Mai

We can write about how much we love Chiang Mai until we're blue in the face, but sometimes nothing says it better than images. Here are some of our favorite photos from Chiang Mai fans around the internet. Have your own favorite photos that represent your love of Chiang Mai? Send them our way!

The Food

Instagram by @brandnewcj

Nothing says Chiang Mai like the endless food parade.

The Arts
Art in Chiang Mai

Instagram by @miadk

The art scene in Chiang Mai is as diverse as its food. From local traditions to modern interpretations, you'll find artisans and galleries to pique your interest.

The Animals
Elephants in Chiang Mai

Instagram by @Wheatiies

Baby elephants. They are adorable.

The Animals
Buffalo in Chiang Mai

photo: PureChiangMai

Just some guys chilling in an empty lot.

The Road Trips
Road Trips in Chiang Mai

Instagram by @champsarun

There's nothing better than taking to the roads and mountains surrounding Chiang Mai.

The Adventure
Road Trips in Chiang Mai

Instagram by @kruck

On those crazy roads, you'll be sure to find adventures. 

The Culture
Festivals in Chiang Mai

Instagram by @tutukate

Cool festivals? Temples? Colorful markets? Yep, just another day in Chiang Mai. We might get used to it, but we never fail to appreciate it.

The Culture

photo: PureChiangMai

Worlds colliding.

The Street Art

Instagram by @bensavill

Going back to art for a minute, there is a number or crazy, weird and awesome street art scattered around the city -- you just have to be on the look out.

The Strange

Instagram by @pattaya Techaplee

Walking and driving around Chiang Mai, visiting restaurants and cafes and museums, you'll bump into some of the quirkiest decorations, advertisements and signs. Something else we've gotten used to, but never fails to elicit a laugh.

The Strange

photo: PureChiangMai

We're not sure where he's going, but we don't recommend getting in his way.

The Scenery
Chiang Mai Scenery

Instagram by @ju_ta_

So there's this...

The Scenery
The Veranda in Chiang Mai

Instagram by @minaloveyou

Or this....