When drinking, eating and even being adventurous doesn’t quite fit your frame of mind, you may be ready to get cultural.

When drinking, eating and even being adventurous doesn’t quite fit your frame of mind, you may be ready to get all “cultural and stuff”. If that’s the case, Chiang Mai is refreshingly supportive of the arts. There’s too much here for one night, but we’ve laid it out in order of location.

Sangdee Gallery

Head first to Sangdee Gallery, well known and popular with locals, expats, and travelers on Sirimankalajarn Soi 5. This lovely 4 level gallery houses a variety of exhibitions, lectures, live music and even art classes. If you get the urge to explore at the last minute, don’t worry about the calendar – there’s pretty much always something interesting to peruse.
Location: Near the Nimmanheiman area, 5 Sirimankhalajarn Soi 5
Phone: 053 894 955

Documentary Arts Asia

DAA’s focus is on the documentary arts, so you’ll always find a great film being shown or intriguing photography exhibit.
Location: Near Chiang Mai Gate (the south gate) and the Saturday walking street, 12/7 Wualai Road Soi 3
Website: www.doc-arts.asia
Phone: 088 138 7470

Galerie Panisa

For some contemporary Thai art, swing over in the direction of Airport Plaza to Galerie Panisa. Like Sangdee, Galerie Panisa also offers a variety of classes, including art for kids, adults and more serious students.
Location: Head toward Airport Plaza, Galerie Panisa, 189 Mahidol Road
Website: http://www.panisa.net/index.php
Phone: 053 202 779

Suvannabhumi Art Gallery

Many locals and visitors have a strong interest in Burma/Myanmar, especially with the large NGO crowd living and working in Chiang Mai and surrounding areas. As the country begins to open its doors, artwork representing its history, culture, food and people is especially relevant. Visit Suvannabhumi Art Gallery, which showcases Myanmar artists exclusively.
​Location: Along the Ping River, at 116 Chareonrat Road
Website: http://www.suvannabhumiartgallery.com/
Phone: 081 031 5309

photo credit: Documentary Arts Asia

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