Beer Republic is a relative newcomer to the Chiang Mai and Nimmanheiman scene, and for beer lovers it is certainly a welcome one. When you’ve reached the point of being heartily sick of Leo (and you will likely reach that point, we promise) this is where to head. Beer selection galore, with food pairings and even beer flights on offer (small but still decent sized pours of selective variety of beers). The restaurant has paired their food dishes with their 16 import draft beverage to ensure maximum enjoyment. According to their website, Beer Republic has poured “months of research and effort to find many “time-forgotten” elements used in Thai cooking in order to re-introduce them to our modern day palates.” Fair warning, there’s a strong possibility you’ll walk away wondering where your month’s budget went.

081 531 9161, 081 531 4765
Nimmanhemin, Soi 11
17:00 – 24:00, Closed on Mondays

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