Cowboy Lady Khao Kha Moo

This little street stall is squashed in with countless others across from the north gate of the old city. It’s actually called Khao Ka Moo Chang Phueak (ข้าวขาหมูช้างเผือก), but that name could apply to about four different stalls in the same market and totally ignores the fact that the owner chops the meat up in high heels and a cowboy hat every single night of the week. They only make one thing and make it well – 30b gets you a pile of meat, rice and an entire duck egg (New Phenjan is slightly better, but Cowboy Lady wins out on price and the street food ambiance).

You’ll also be provided with fresh spring onions, chilis, cloves of garlic and a huge tub of red chili vinegar. It is absolutely essential that you smother your food with all of them, especially if you’re on a date. The 7-11 and other shops in the back sell beer and it’s fine to bring it back. The satay stall (with the pig on the sign) nearby is great and they’ll deliver it to your table.

Street food
Thai – Chinese
about 17:00-3:00
Khao ka moo (slow-cooked pork on rice) with duck egg

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