HK Bpet Yang (HKเป็ดย่าง) seems to move every couple of months, but it’s always worth finding again. All the rice and noodle dishes have big, juicy slices of duck and they’re generous with the gravy. The make-your-own springroll set is great for multiple people too – it’s a plate of duck slices with vegetables, rice wraps and hoisin sauce sliced to order. We’re fans of getting the spring roll set to go and taking it to a bar (7 Pounds is right around the corner). HK also sells whole and half ducks for 500 or 250 thb, and if you order a few hours ahead of time you can get crispy-skin Beijing duck for 600 thb.

Noodle soup
Thai – Chinese
dinner, late
Ba mi bpet yang/moo daeng (yellow noodles with grilled duck/roast pork), bpor bpia bpet yang (do-it-yourself duck rolls)

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