This is an immensely popular spot for lunch and dinner and once you try their uniquely awesome food you’ll understand why. “Kua gai” (คั่วไก่) refers to their signature, a mixture of noodles, chicken, egg and other stuff served on a sizzling hot plate. Even if that’s somehow not your thing, their menu is huge and you should have no problem pleasing everyone. They also have a good variety of traditional Thai infusion drinks like roselle, bael fruit and butterfly pea.

A good meal runs about 80-100 thb per person. Kua Gai Nimman can get packed around lunchtime, but the wait is never long, and when you’re done you should head over to iBerry next door for some ice cream and trippy decor.

082 180 1177
Guay tiao kua gai

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