Coming in from a big night out and need something to snack on? Fear not, 7-11 is not the only answer! Chiang Mai has plenty of delicious food after dark – in fact, there are some places that only open after you should have already gone to bed. Here are our favorites, in no particular order.

Cowboy Lady Khao Ka Moo

Everyone’s favorite pork-slinging, high heeled cowgirl serves up her delicious dishes from sundown to about four in the morning. Make sure you get a boiled duck egg to go with it. If you’re not into pork, the stall is one of dozens in the huge Chang Phuak food market.

Mark Burger & Steak

Mark is only open till midnight, but the burgers are so awesome and it’s close enough to Nimman that we think it qualifies. Make sure you ask them not to grill the buns, otherwise they get a bit too greasy.

Zoe (‘The Soi’) eats

Everybody hits up the turkish kebab before they go to bed, but an even better option is the little Isaan place that stays open just as late. Their grilled pork (moo yaang, หมูย่าง) is really some of the best in Chiang Mai, despite being in such an unlikely area. Both places stay open at least until Zoe closes.

Midnight Chicken

Midnight Chicken isn’t exactly a secret, but feel good that you’re at least in the know now. This Chiang Mai institution is the best place to swing by after a bar hop in the Night Bazaar or Loi Kroh, but get there early – there are literally lines out the door at midnight.
Photo: Tom S.


Okay, wait, hear us out – there’s some pretty edible food at 7-11 you probably haven’t tried and it’s the only thing that’s actually open 24 hours. The hot dogs are a bit gross, but if you stumble over to the cooler section you’ll find a veritable wonderland of reheatable goods. Besides the widely beloved ham and cheese toasties, our favorites are the gyoza (the dumplings in the red and black package) and the New Orleans chicken burger. But they’re always cycling in new things so don’t be afraid to branch out. Oh, and make sure they reheat it.

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