Malin Market is the classier counterpart to the Suthep/Lang Maw food market. It boasts a mind-boggling array of food, including Japanese, Korean, dim sum, Italian, steak, a half-dozen hotpot places and more noodle soup and graphao than you can shake a stick at. It has a branch of Yatai Ramen, and Laan Kai is one of the most interesting noodle shops around. There’s also ice cream, cakes and fresh-squeezed orange juice. Parking inside is a circus, so you’re better off leaving your wheels on the street a few blocks away.

When you’re done eating, pop over to the market next door and get lost in a warren of trendy clothes shops, tattoo parlors and jewelry vendors the size of a city block. Tragically, unless you’re a Thai kid, everything will be way too small.

Food market
Noodle soup
Street food

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