(“Naa Mor” is the name of the area on Huay Kaew around CMU’s north gate) Despite the uninspiring name, Naa Mor Thai Food (ไทยฟู๊ดหน้ามอ) might be the best Thai curry shop in the city. At 40-60b per dish (rice included) it’s pricier than the standard 25-30b, but the portions are enormous and the quality is much higher than average (no bones in the chicken). They also have ice cream, a full drinks menu and croissants with butter on the side for 10b. Interesting side note: They serve a really nice Japanese-style chicken curry (gaeng gari gai, แกงกะหรีไก่) that’s been slightly Thai-ified. Curry came to Japan through the British, who got it from India, which means that what this restaurant serves is actually a Thai version of a Japanese version of a British version of Indian food.

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It’s all on display!

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