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Set eyes on that perfect someone? You’ll need the perfect date to match.

If you’ve set eyes on that perfect someone (although, if you’re an expat in Chiang Mai, particularly a woman, you may want to debate the likelihood of this actually happening — but that’s for another time), you’ll need the perfect date to match. Chiang Mai has every option from a traditional romantic dinner to a late night karaoke and drink session — it all depends on who you’re trying to impress.

Cute & Fun

Start off with some prosecco at Jagajee Tapas and Prosecco Lounge on Nimmanheiman Soi 15. After you’ve relaxed over a glass or two, choose from a wide variety of tapas or take a one minute stroll next door to Bar Fry if you’re craving something a little more basic like french fries with a high end twist.

Stay on at this little oasis (House of Wine is also next door — buy a bottle of wine if the conversation is good and you’re disinclined to move on) or move on to a cozier atmosphere, such as the charming little Drunken Flower if you want to continue drinking and conversing. On weekends there is also a good chance you’ll get some local live folk music to stage your romancin’.

Or, if you feel like traveling to (or back towards) the Old City, head over to North Gate Jazz Co-Op for a great night listening to Thai and foreign musicians jam together. Keep in mind, however, you won’t be able to get to know each other too well while listening to the music in such close quarters. You can always take a romantic midnight stroll along the lantern-lined moat as well.

Want to make your own sweet music (get your mind out of the gutter…or skip forward to the Love Boat option below)? Take him/her to sing karaoke at Kad Suan Kaew shopping center. Head all the way upstairs near the bowling alley, book one of the themed private rooms, and make fools of yourself.


Riverside Bar & Restaurant and Good View both have excellent atmosphere for a more traditional date-like atmosphere. You can either sit outside on the river or inside, where you’ll still enjoy a nice ambience. Another option is to take one of the dinner boat cruises down the Ping River. The Riverside’s dinner cruise costs an additional 110 thb (55 thb for kids) for the cruise itself in addition to your meal, and is a 75-minute trip.

Other options for a nice dinner include Chez Marco Restaurant and Bar for superb Mediterranean cuisine down Loi Kroh Road, or Antique House back on the Ping River.

Quirky & Unusual

Monkey Kitchen (CMU area) is run by a caterer who’s won awards for all the crazy weird fusion dishes she concocts. Plus, they’re really good at presentation here and you get a nice judge-on-a-cooking-show vibe. The astroturf carpeting and stuffed monkey decor is…unique, to say the least, and there’s a big window into the kitchen where you can watch them work. The place is a bit small but it makes a great — and different — date spot.

Do anything and everything above, but if it’s been a really successful evening, you could always end up at the Love Boat, an hourly love hotel, shaped like a boat. Yes, shaped like a boat. Every room has its own mini garage so guests can pull your car in with their ‘date’ and close the curtain to ensure no one sees your license plate. This type of establishment is actually called a “curtain drawing hotel” (โรงแรมม่านรูด) and you can find them all over, but love boat is definitely the funniest.

Have you been on any memorable dates in Chiang Mai? Have any suggestions to add? Send them to us at [email protected].

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