Salad Concept can get ridiculously busy, and for good reason. Finding a truly good, fresh Western-type salad in Thailand can be a bit difficult, so Salad Concept is a welcome oasis of nicely done salads.

Enjoy homemade dressings on your salad, pick your own ingredients or choose one of their specialty creations, or cool off with a healthy smoothie.

The restaurant’s creation was inspired by the owner’s father’s struggle with cancer, when he began to concentrate on living a healthier life through an organic, fresh food diet. You can see several of his recipes on the restaurant’s menu board, including the wheatgrass juice, which he grows in his own home.

The staff here do a great job considering how busy they are each day, and a hefty portion of salad comes at a completely reasonable cost. That said, where once the prices were ridiculously low, you can now get a huge salad for around 100 thb — again, completely reasonable.

053 894 455
Nimmanhaemin Road, Soi 13
Monday-Sunday, 11:00-20:00

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