New Phenjan (นิวเพ็ญจันทร์) is a big Thai-Chinese restaurant across from CMU’s north gate. The khao ka moo (stewed pork leg on rice) is a bit more expensive than Cowboy Lady, but there’s more meat, less fat, no skin and they’ll put all sorts of weird stuff like spleen (ม่าน) in it if you ask. They also do khao man gai and different types of noodle soup. Be sure to check out the fake plucked chickens in the display case up front (where do you even buy one of those?). The staff are hilarious too, and will argue with each other about whether they got your order right until the moment you get up and leave.

Noodle soup
Thai – Chinese
breakfast, lunch
Khao kaa moo (slow cooked pork on rice), khao mun gai (chicken on garlic rice)

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